Product Overview

To produce evidence in litigation, case files with discoverable items such as images and documents are assigned to the appropriate authorized party – such as opposing council – who can then instantly view them online in a secure Cloud-based environment.

Video and audio files such as in-car/on-body police video can be instantly viewed by authorized users who simply log into the system.

With the addition of PayPortal Plus™, agencies can charge on-line convenience fees for each discoverable item to offset the high cost of providing eDiscovery.

Solicitor offices, district attorneys, courts and other municipalities can now provide immediate, low-cost access to discoverable evidence such as PDF Documents, Accusations, Filed Documents as well as any type of Video such as police car/on-body video, detox rooms and any form of Audio Files while easily charging authorized individuals convenience fees for the service.

Who is EvidenceApp For?

Cloud-Based Evidence Delivery Services Developed to Meet the Needs of:

  • District Attorney Offices
  • Solicitors Offices
  • Investigators
  • State Agencies
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Court Rooms

Discoverdyne’s EvidenceApp leverages the power of cloud computing to deliver next-generation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology to all of our clients—from small municipalities to the largest city, county, state and federal organizations.

We provide on-demand fulfillment of e-discovery requests with no local software or per-user fees

Video Evidence

  • In-Car Video
  • On Body Video
  • Security Video
  • Digital Cameras / SLRs
  • Interview Rooms

Document Management

Upload supporting case documents to the case file, view the files and documents online and add additional documents at any time. User permissions even allow you grant upload access to attorneys, LEOs, Investigators and others at will.

Tiered Security

Multiple and flexible permissions settings for office personnel for either “Viewing Only” or ability to upload. Multiple and flexible permissions settings for 3rd parties to only see the files they are authorized to view or to communicate with the prosecutorial office handling the case.

Audio Evidence

Upload any audio evidence such as 911 calls to the case file and provide authorized access to listen to the audio evidence as provided by your local 911 center or on-person microphone.

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